We help people start and grow online marketing agencies

You can think of AgencyDFY as a business partner who helps you like a sales manager.

We'll hand you a pool of prospects, help you close them or close them for you, then we'll handle everything else.

Overall, you'll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Why are we different

We teach you every area you need to know to grow a successful marketing agency

We DON'T just give you information and say "GOOD LUCK!"

We work with you during every step.

We do this, because when you make money... we make money and you can get started for free.

(Yes, it sounds cliche, but it's true!)

Here's how it works

We help you grow from normal internet user to freelancer to marketing agency owner.

Step 1.

Join our team

Create your free account. Get started with our free course and learn how you can transition into a successful agency owner.


Step 2.

Appointment Setting

Learn how to identify your target market, approach them, then get them interested and wanting to learn more.

Step 3.

Sales & Closing

Learn how to convert prospects into paying clients who are excited to do business with you.

Step 4. (Final stage)

Backend & Mastermind

Learn the high-ticket formula, all the operational systems, and everything you need to go off on your own.

We teach you everything

We teach you every area you need to know to grow a successful marketing agency

Agency Methodology

Why people pay agencies, why they’ll pay you, how to be different, market potential.

Startup Outreach

Best practices with no experience, start getting clients right out of the gate.


Control the sale, ethical persuasion tactics, handling objections, closing paying deals.


Use your USP to attract interest, how to get in front of decision makers.


Automate day to day tasks, streamline your systems to replace the need of humans

Business Fundamentals

Transition from freelancer to owner, business requirements, organizing, & planning.

Product Creation

Create an offer that sells itself, low-ticket & high-ticket plus your delivery.

Legal, & Accounting

How to register a legal entity, organize books, expenses, taxes, legal contracts.


Learn how to outsource every aspect of an agency, from sales & marketing, to fulfillment.

Scaling & Systems

Set up tools to help optimize your efficiency, fix bottlenecks, prioritize needs.


Attract experience who want to help you on your journey, where to find them, onboarding, retention.

Paid Advertising

Best campaigns, learn Cost Per Acquisition, retargeting tools, secrets of public relations.

How to get started

Four Stages of Evolution


Level One Beginner

How to attract interested leads starting from zero, regardless of experience or knowledge.


Level Two Intermediate

How to turn your leads into curious qualified prospects wanting to learn more.


Level Three Advanced

How to convert prospects from being interested leads into loyal paying billboards.


Level Four Master

How to scale using strategic partnerships, and develop a motivated team.




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